How to use external memory card?

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LG 900g Memory in use menu

LG 900g Memory in use menu

Q: How to use the external memory card?
A: You've probably happily inserted a microsd card into your brand new phone but are puzzled that all your photos are still getting stored on the phone's internal memory which is only about 15 MB, and you're rapidly running out of space! Don't worry, it's a pretty simple fix.

Before you set your external card as the main storage, you may have to format it. If you've already used the card in another phone or camera, you probably won't have to format it. I took mine out of another phone so I didn't have to do that.

Anyway, to format the card on your LG 900g, go to:

My Folder - Memory Card -> Options -> Memory Info -> External Memory -> Format.

Finally to set the memory card as the storage option, go to:

1. Camera -> Settings
2. Click the right Nav key to move from the Preview settings to the "Others" settings.
3. Select "Memory in use"
4. Choose "External memory"

From now on, photos you take should be stored on your microsd card.

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May 20, 2015
Formatting external memory on a used sd card
by: Ssnyder

I inserted my used sd card into my Net10 LG900G phone. I have never formatted anything on my sd card only used it for my pictures. On my phone the external memory shows that i have used very little data but doesn't show what apps are using the external memory. Do i go ahead and format the external mem to my sd card and will i loose what data i have on my card?

Oct 22, 2011
external memory lg900g
by: Anonymous

I can't format the card. I wants a security code and I have no idea what it is!

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