I have one for emergencies

by Stefan Flin
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I have one for emergencies, but right now I'm in-between carriers. Actually I purchased a pair of Samsung Galaxy Prevails for Boost Mobile and PORTED my two (Cricket and T-Mobile) phones, one without a hitch and one that took an act of god.

So good so far, but since these are brand new to Boost there's a glitch in the Android O.S. which doesn't allow automatically adding contacts from the dialing menu like most phones, as soon as you dial a number you can hit "Store" or "Ad Contact", the same thing if somebody calls you. BOOST, after hooking me up finally told me there's a glitch and I have to return these and exchange them for a pair of updated (FIXED) units, only nobody wants to do it and I'm stuck with $450 worth of screwed up Samsung Galaxy Prevail until I can get Radio Shack to swap them out.

Enter stage left my i-Wireless LG150 pay as you go emergency phone but I forgot how to activate. I used to just call them and add $20 for 5 cents a minute but i cannot for the life of me find out the phone number to call and 611 just tells me i have no acct and to cal customer service and activate the phones. I cant find the customer service number and since 611 doesnt work right i'm afraid they're out of business. Does anyone know how to or where to call to activate my lg-150 from wal-mart?

By the way the new galaxy prevail is the bomb elsewise. It even lets you speak directly to the txt msg device so you don't have to look down while driving. ('dragon') android app comes with it. Only draw back is you cannot use abbreviations to save space, at least not automatically.

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