I want a phone and I want one now!

I want a phone but my mom said I had to do chores. That sucks. What should I do? I am 10 years old. Everyone has a phone except for me. I hope I get one soon, but if I dont I'm gonna keep on begging for one. Or when I get the money at work then I will get one. Wish me luck please.

I want a phone and I want one now. Life is not fair. I will show her this site. I hope this will persuade her when she gets off work! I want a phone and I want one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for your comments. I don't know how it works in your home, but as a parent let me suggest that you give some good reasons for getting a cell phone such as being able to keep in touch with your mom when you're at a friend's house.

Also, I suggest doing the chores :)

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Nov 14, 2012
network is always failing
by: Anonymous

Kajeet is a great idea unfortunately the network is always failing us and my son does not get incoming calls and text messages either in or out. We have had no luck with Kajeet's customer service as they cannot fix the problem. The service is terrible and the system does not work. Avoid at all costs.

May 25, 2011
Sell your parents on the emergency value of a cell phone
by: Dr. M

I am a dad with two daughters 8 and 11. Both my girls have their own cell phones -- justified NOT for yakking with their friends, but for emergencies. I programmed their phones with my cell phone number, my wife's cell phone number, our house number, and each sister's cell phone.

They both have $20 TracFones with double minutes and 1 year of service with 1000+ minutes. That's about $120 to set up, but amounts to only about $10 a month -- very affordable for the peace of mind it brings. TracFone even has a family value plan for service and minutes. Even the poorest families can afford it.

I also buy the girl's cargo pocket pants (pockets on the side of the leg) so they can keep their cell phones more or less hidden on their person, rather than their backpack or bookbag. if it is not always immediately handy, then it might not be available when you need it most.

Some rules you'll have to agree to to keep out of trouble with a cell phone -- keep it turned off, or on silent alarm (vibration) when you are in school. Teachers and school administration will confiscate your cell phone if you use it while in school -- unless it is a REAL emergency. If you really need to call while in school, ask for permission first.

Also, your parents should, and probably will, check your messages and saved numbers to make sure you are not contacting anyone inappropriate for your age. Accept their oversight as what it is - their love and care for your well being.

Good luck, and also continuously demonstrate to your parents on how responsible you are.

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