I've had good luck with their CDMA phones

by Danny Stinnett
(Beooks Ky U.S.A.)

I changed over to the unlimited plan and love it. I live in a GSM zip code but only CDMA's work here. My address only picks up Verizon which is CDMA. Which is better anyway, because CDMA works better out in the country away from main roads.

So Net10 turned me on to CDMA, and it roams free on other cdma providers. I have never lost coverage anyplace plus my main carrier is Verizon. But I pay net10 one flat rate ever month. I love it. I would tell every body to go to prepaid service and net10 is good

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your comments. Glad it's worked out for your. I just have the GSM phone, but luckily coverage is good in my area.

sb (admin)

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