Games for your Brain on the Jitterbug Phone

Can the brain games on the Jitterbug flip phone keep you from becoming a lame brain (sorry about the pun). Well, let’s see.

Staying Fit Mentally

It’s no secret that we want to be and stay as mentally and physically active as possible to stay healthy. Physical activity is fairly easy to accommodate as there are plenty of facilities to take part in various activities from swimming the Australian Crawl to bouncing with the Zumba ball.

Mental activity can be harder to come by in day-to-day life as it is easy to get stuck on the TV or the internet for that matter. If you have a regular smartphone or flip phone you can download and play games on there.

If you had a Jitterbug style phone, earlier you were out of luck, but the new Jitterbug Plus (and 5) phones come with two brain games, Quick Match and Make a Pair, that will do in a pinch.


Quick Match Game

The  Quick Match game tests your ability to quick identify whether two objects are the same shape. These objects differ by color and other qualities, but the only thing you’re supposed to check is their shape.

Of course, you have just a second or so to make the determination, so if the two objects share some other quality such as color or shading but not shape, you are still tempted to wrongly say yes and vice versa.

quick match game on jitterbug phone

Make a Pair Game

The Make a Pair game tests your ability to memorize which cards have been overturned anywhere from one to five turns ago. At the highest level (five cards ago) this is actually very challenging.

Most people have a short term memory of about seven items anyway, but to have that set of items in the short term memory constantly shifting over by one is quite challenging.


So if you’re stuck somewhere, either of these games will keep you engaged for a while. You can't be 30 again, so you can still do what you can now to stay mentally fit.

brain games on jitterbug flip phone


You may get more out of games you actually play with someone else. So if you have an iPad or Android tablet, playing one of the various word games, Lexulous or Words with Friends, may be a better way to keep engaged.

If you still want an easy-to-use phone with access to more games, you should consider getting the new Touch3 user-friendly smartphone from Greatcall.