Jitterbug phone uses Greatcall for billing. Real bad company. Don’t buy it.

by Cynthia
(Schenectady New york)

The rating I would give is total rip off. I purchased the Jitterbug for my aunt who is 79. I called Greatcall to activate the phone. You gotta do it yourself not like Verizon or ATT where they set your phone up for you.

After I set it up, I was trying to show my aunt how to use it. It was the phone called Lively Jitterbug phone. My aunt could not remember all the steps to make a call. You need to press up and down button every step you take. Then the Ok button every time you every step. It’s a lot to remember to and do. Well it came down to it was way more complicated. Within next morning I took phone back.

I called Greatcall told them I took it back please cancel my billing and account. Within 20 min I went to my online banking the took $70.00 out of my checking account. How and why I don’t know why I was charged when the phone wasn’t used and was back at the store less than 24 hours. If you see you have to use Greatcall for phone service run away.

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