AT&T LG Neon GoPhone Review

QWERTY, Bluetooth, 2MP Camera, and Music Player

The AT&T LG Neon GoPhone is a full-featured QWERTY-keyboard phone with Bluetooth connectivity, web and video capability, a 2 megapixel camera, and music player phone capable of handling multiple file formats. This phone is discontinued, though you may be able to find it on sites that sell used devices.

Update: Neon II

This model was replaced by the LG Prime and Neon II.

QWERTY Keyboard

The QWERTY keyboard has nice evenly-spaced round buttons. The left hand side also functions as the number keys which are laid out in the 3 x 3 format but with the zero in the upper left corner. You only need to use these keys when you calling someone who’s not already in your phonebook or using something like a calculator.

2 Megapixel Camera

The Neon GoPhone comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera that is also capable of taking basic web videos. Two megapixels is usually more than enough for taking some good pictures.

The zoom, as usual, is only digital, not optical, so you have to use your feet to get closer if you want to maintain your resolution.

Music Player

MP3, AAC, AAC+, and WMA

The music player on the Neon supports multiple formats in addition to the usual MP3 format. These include AAC, AAC+ and WMA. This should cover iTunes and Windows Media type files. In addition, you have access to AT&T’s Mobile Music service.

MicroSD Slot

You can store your music and other files on a microSD card. The phone takes up to 4 GB cards.

Bluetooth 2.0

The phone features Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for full access to stereo Bluetooth headsets and car receivers. You can transfer your files from your phone to your PC saving on airtime costs.


The 2.4 inch display screen has a 240 x 320 pixel resolution. This makes it more comfortable to use to read and compose messages and emails, and to surf the web.

Mobile Email and Web

You can access email via AOL, Yahoo, and Windows Live plus other accounts through the web interface. You should be able to surf the web without restrictions once you sign up for a Media.Net package which you’ll want to do anyway if you spend more time messaging than talking, which is likely, since you’re considering a QWERTY keyboard phone.

EDGE Network

The Neon is capable of using AT&T EDGE network which is slower than 3G but slightly faster than the old standard.

Productivity Tools

While it's a matter of debate whether cell phone make you more productive, it is good to know that the LG Neon GoPhone comes with the usual assortment of basic productivity tools such as a calendar/personal organizer, alarm clock etc.

1000-entry Address Book

The LG Neon does have a large 1000-entry address book. Surprisingly, some other qwerty-based music phones skimp on this feature by using the memory for other tools.

As you can see . . .

Cool, Attractive Phone

The Neon is an attractive phone with lots of cool features plus a Qwerty keyboard ready for the next texting champion!

While this particular phone may no longer be available, you can look for other prepaid phones from AT&T.