LG Rumor 260

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The Revol LG Rumor 260 features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, an MP3 music player, 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

QWERTY Keyboard

The Rumor has a slide-out horizontal-oriented full QWERTY keyboard. The horizontal orientation gives you more room for the keys, but it does mean that you'll have to use both hands for texting.

However, you can also use the plain numeric keyboard with the phone closed to text in the traditional way using the phones predictive text input.

Megapixel Camera

The LG Rumor 260 has a 1.3 megapixel camera that should be capable of taking some fairly nice pictures at the full 1280 x 960 resolution.

You can play around with the camera a little bit. There are color effects - sepia, black and white etc. You can compensate for the lighting whether you're indoors under fluorescent or incandescent lights or whether it's sunny or cloudy outside.

You can use the pictures you take and associate them with contacts so that they function as picture caller id.

Video Recorder

The camera does also take video but the resolution is very low at a maximum of 176 x 144. On the plus side, they claim you can record up to an hour of video as long as you have the appropriate memory card installed

MicroSD Slot

You can have up to a 4B microSD slot in the phone. LG cautions that you should only use the recommended memory cards. This means brand-names cards such as those from Sandisk.

Voice Recorder

You can also make voice recordings. These are actually short verbal reminders so it probably wouldn't substitute for a real voice recorder.

MP3 Music Player

You can play songs in mp3 format stored on the memory card. It's easy to access your recently played songs. You can even organize your collection of songs into playlist and categorize them according to artist, album and genre.

Additional Tools

Additional tools on the Revol LG Rumor 260 include:

- a calendar for keeping track of reminders,

- a calculator, an alarm clock to wake you up,

- a stopwatch for efficiency,

- a tip calculator so you don't stiff the waiter without going overboard,

- a world clock for tracking when it's best to make your international calls,

- and a notepad for your mental scribbles.

All in all a pretty good package.

Note: If this phone is for a child or teenager, you should know that it is also available from Kajeet. It costs a little more, but you get to take advantage of the Kajeet features designed for kids. If not, and you're in the areas served by Revol (currently Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania), then it's a good deal to get it from them.

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Mar 29, 2011
Get another handset and transfer contacts via Bluetooth
by: sb (admin)


If you get another phone, another Rumor or maybe something like the Samsung R350, perhaps at a retail location instead, you can port the number.

Then you should be able to transfer all your daughters contacts to the new phone via Bluetooth.


Mar 29, 2011
Battery connection goes bad
by: Anonymous

Okay so I purchased the LG 260 online from Revol for my 17 yr old daughter for Christmas 2010, when I took it to the store to have it activated the store clerks immediately asked why I ordered this phone and said that they've had all sorts of issues with them, by that time my daughter had already entered over 50 contacts and didn't want to get a different phone-I now wish she had because we've gone thru 3 chargers only to be told that it's the phone that's not charging. I've tried to replace the phone at the revol store but they no longer carry them, so I tried ordering a new one online but can't unless I activate a new line, this is an inconvience because she wants to keep her old number which we ported from Boost, and I'm still paying for service as I have a family plan, so basically i'm now paying for a phone that won't charge up. Any suggestions?

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