LG420G died

by Richard
(Chantilly, Virginia, USA)

Battery was running low so decided to recharge. Turned phone off before plugging in charge cable. Normally, the little window on the outside of the case lights up to indicate charging. This time nothing happened. Pulled cable and tried to power on phone but nothing happened, so I think it's dead, that is, I don't believe there is anything wrong with charge cable, etc. Any suggestions.

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Jun 13, 2018
Re: LG420G died - now works
by: Richard

I posted the comment yesterday. This morning I decided to try turning on my phone. Surprise, surprise, it came on as usual and indicated low battery followed by the low battery ding, ding. I plugged in the charging cable and it is now almost fully charged. Have no idea what went wrong yesterday and what occurred to cause it to work this morning. Interesting phenomenon.


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