Like it but cannot check gmail

by jade

I like the phone, and it would have been a bonus to get gmail on it - you can get into your gmail account, and more or less see some of the emails awaiting you but click on anything and up comes an "unsupported error" flag. I see a better link for yahoo mail so will try that. Meanwhile is anyone successful with google mail on the T401g?

Gmail now works


Now you can check your gmail...which is great! the only problem that i have with this phone is that they charge me 5 cents per text when it should be 3 cents. I've attempted to call them twice and each time, a person with English as their second language answers and I can't understand them, nor they me, no matter how much I try. All in all, however, great phone!

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May 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have this fone but i want to find out how to post pics from the fone to facebook!!

Feb 17, 2010
Thanks for the info. Yahoo mail is okay.
by: admin

Hi Jade,

Thanks for your comments. You're right! You can't check gmail. I thought for sure you could when I was testing but I must have only checked the browser.

I know that you definitely can check your Yahoo mail because I tried that and even sent a test message.

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