List of incoming calls

by Maureena

Are incoming calls stored on a roster somewhere on this Motorola phone? I've had a phone in the past that did that. So if someone says they left you a message and you didn't seem to get it or if I may think that someone called me but I want to verify by phone number, is there a place to find that on this 376g phone that goes back at least a month for received calls?

Hi Maureena,

As far as I know, all the information that's available about previous calls is accessed from the Menu -> Recent Calls -> Received Calls list. My phone doesn't show a separate listing of missed calls (though that may be because there haven't been any).

The received call list, however, goes back as far as possible as long as the phone has space to store the information and as long as it hasn't been deleted. I took out mine and found received calls as far back as January 2010.

sb (admin)

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