Looking for Timer app

by Kathleen
(San Andreas, CA)

Java Egg Timer app

Java Egg Timer app

Is there a countdown timer app available for the LG 500g?

Hi Kathleen,

One timer that I've found that actually works on the this phone is called "Egg Timer". You can find it here:


You should download the zip file onto your computer. Once you unzip it, there will be a EggTimer.jad file and an EggTimer.jar file. Transfer both files to your phone via Bluetooth or data cable.

If you transfer it via Bluetooth, you will find the files in:

Menu > My Folder > Other Files

Launch the EggTimer.jad file to install the timer in your Games and Apps folder.

Now you can launch the app. Because it's called an egg timer, there are preset times for boiling eggs, but you can set any time you want.

This is a useful app for LG phones that run java apps because one isn't included in their Tools folder.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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