Love shrinking rate

by Rachael

I love my Boost phone because of the shrinking bill and because it's an easy rate with no contract. I also love how you can just call and switch your plan. I have had to switch my plan a few times because of not having enough to add the 50 dollars. I just called and switched to the 2 dollar a day unlimited!!

Yeah I'm a young person and just recently moved away from home and out of state so I text and talk on the phone a lot with my family back home. I'm also constantly checking my facebook and my email. So it's really nice to have a cell phone bill that never changes and has no unexpected or surprising bills. I highly recommend Boost for other customers.

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for your comments. Glad you're happy with the plan. I also like the idea of the $2 a day unlimited plan which includes web access. The $50 unlimited Gophone monthly plan now also includes web access, but their $2 a day plan doesn't.

sb (admin)

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