Love the phone hate the company

by WildWillie

Bought the bundle but it came with a bad micro sd card. After 1st hour call to net10 tech (hah!) I concluded it best to buy a new card and make sure it was not the phone as computer read the card but phone did not. Ten bucks at wally world and the new card was working.

2nd call to Regret10 and another hour and half wasted as they had me recheck everything with the card to then agree with me the card was bad but told me they would have to replace the whole phone. I told them it is easier than to ship another phone "bundle" and a prepaid package to return one to just give me the 10 dollars worth of airtime to compensate for the card I replaced but ooooooooooohhh no sir we have to send whole replacement phone. Well 3 days phone only "not the bundle" came so there I was in same sad state of regret.

3rd call ..... and after over another hour they finally concluded that the memory card was not considered replaceable as it was free with the bundle. I was then rather upset but keeping my cool and told them that I felt I should get some sort of compensation for my buying the card and my time.

Well sir how's 30 minutes of airtime. Hmm did I not suggest that in call 1 to keep this misery from slapping me. 3 dollars worth of time? I said no, doesn't come close to taking any tension out of me at that point. Ok then 50 minutes sir.

Well now feeling insulted and more tense I said 300 minutes or how about I keep the first and replacement phone. Oh no sir you must send the other phone in to us. Ok then how about I just send both phones and your bundle back to you fools and you give me my money back. Ok sir if that is what you want then you will have to ship them back to us and we will credit your card when we get them. "I" have to pay to ship it all back? I say. Yes sir. Well how about this I say. I will just keep both the phones now and send you nothing back and you had better not try and bill my card or I'll call the BBB and we will talk again for hours I'm sure.

Well I'm going to keep the extra phone and see what if the misery continues or if I have a spare phone which of course isn't able to be activated or won't stay that way long if I do as the serial number is in their files as to be returned as defective.
Conclusion to this ranting! Net10 are idiots, but the phone is cool so far.

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