Low volume and Worst Customer Service

by Patricia Willis
(Kalamazoo, MI 49048)

Worst customer service I have ever experienced in all my years! I purchased the newest model cellphone from GreatCall for approximately $150.00, having previously had a Jitterbug (not through Great Call) but I found the volume was not loud enough for my purposes.

I always check on businesses before I make any purchases and in checking on GreatCall, no one seemed to know they even existed. However, they offered me a discount so I received the phone and immediately knew that it was too difficult for me to understand. I called within a week and had put only four minutes on the phone. They indicated they would get back to me but never did. I have a very busy legal office and my secretary handles matters such as this. I called two more times and was treated very rudely, saying I could not return the phone. So in calling around, no one had even heard of GreatCall!

I have contacted the Michigan Public Services Commission but have not heard back from them; however, if you have any intention of dealing with GreatCall, please do your homework and check them out.

Regards, Patricia Willis
Owner of Divorce & Legal Consultants of Michigan - Since 1976

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