Missed calls because it didn't ring

by Sweet L

It seems the phone does not ring. I don't hear it. When I open the phone, it says "missed call". Yet I hear it when I get a text. Do I need to set it somehow?


You can check your Sound Profile to make sure the voice ringtone is not set to silent. To do this, go to Menu -> Settings -> Sound Profiles. There, the easiest thing to do is select "Normal".

After you have set "Normal" as your sound profile, you or a friend should call the cell phone to see if it rings loudly enough. If it does, you're all set! If not you have to edit the sound profile.

Edit Sound Profile

To edit the Sound Profile, use the up and down navigation keys (on the big square button) to highlight the sound profile "Normal", then press "Options" and select "Edit".

This will bring up the list of ringtones and the ring volumes associated with them. Use the navigation key to scroll down to the ring volume for the Voice ringtone. The ringtone should start to play. Use the right and left navigation buttons to adjust the volume and then press "Done".

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Feb 01, 2011
It worked...
by: Sweet L

Thank you sb! I was able to adjust the ringtone..

Sweet L :)

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