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by Steven Eaton
(Graham WA, USA)

I love the phone for the nice clean screen fonts & layout, and also for the ease in messaging (just click the right navigation button & it takes you right to a text screen). However, I'm struggling with apps.

I was told there was an "app store" with smart phones, but I wasn't able to find one. Also - my banking institution apparently only allows mobile banking from Androids. Also - the web access leaves a bit to be desired - still struggling to be find a fast way to bookmark pages that I'm on quickly without having to go back & create a bookmark manually by typing in the URL. All in all though I really love the phone & only paid $10 for it through Straight Talk so why complain?

Hi Steven,

This was their first app-capable phone when it came out, so it has a few limitations. I have used the NET10 version, and I like it for its screen, camera, music player and keyboard. As some people have mentioned, the browser is not the greatest.

I have created a page here for maintaining a list of some useful Java apps for these non-Android, non-iOS phones.

sb (admin)

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