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by sb (admin)

After having trouble with using some QR code scanner apps with this phone, I found one that works great. It's called the mobiScan QR, and is available from the Android Marketplace. Some of the other QR scanners had millions of downloads but also lots of complaints.

Update: It turns out that QR scanner apps don't work too well on the Galaxy Precedent because it doesn't have an autofocus camera but a fixed focus camera instead. This app is still able to scan QR codes as long as the code is printed fairly clearly and and is not too small.

The mobiScan QR reader app had only about 100,000 downloads when I got it, but it worked great. I tested in on some sample QR codes I found on Google Images, and it was super fast. In less than a second it brought up the website link associated with the QR code. (FWIW - one of the commenters on the Marketplace page said it took a quarter of a second.)

Some comments have complained that it doesn't take you directly to the website address, but I actually prefer this behavior. When you scan a QR code, you don't always know what kind of site it will bring up, so I think it's better for the app to show you the URL, and you can decide if you want to go there.


Created by Manatee Works, the mobiScan QR app is based on the open-source ZXing library. The app is completely free (they hope to make money by selling their tools to other software makers).

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Sep 06, 2013
QR Droid
by: sb

I tried QR Droid on a Virgin Mobile phone, and it seems to work pretty well. The main thing you need is an autofocus camera which most newer Android phones have, but not the Precedent.

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