Mojo Mobile on My Mind

Mojo Mobile is (was) a new and relatively expensive prepaid cell phone plan which offers free unlimited night and weekend minutes as long as you’re willing to spend at least thirty dollars a month.

First noticed them on an ad while filling up the gas tank. Never heard of them before, but once I saw the name I had to check them out.

2014 Update: Gone?

The website is gone. I'll leave the information below in case anyone wants to know what they used to be like.


The company relies on Sprint’s nationwide PCS network. Coverage will be accordingly. You can check out their map here, but you’ll have to go to Sprint’s site to actually find out in detail if your particular zip code has good coverage.


Regular (i.e. peak) airtime costs anywhere from 33 cents per minute to 15 cents per minute if you buy the maximum number of minutes, but you have to use them up in 30 days, because that’s the longest expiration time. The minimum reasonable amount you can expect to spend is $30 per month. That gets you 80 regular airtime minutes and unlimited nights starting at 9:01 pm and weekends starting Friday at 9:01pm. This is not much different than the cheaper standard plans except that you don’t have a contract, but you also have fewer regular airtime minutes. If you already have a standard or internet phone line then the unlimited night and weekend minutes aren’t much use.

The rates must be determined by what they have to pay for using the network, and Mojo Mobile is probably not big enough yet to get a really good deal from Sprint.


Basic flip phone handsets are what’s available. No camera phones yet. You can get them at various convenience stores but not online. You can call a number to activate. Each phone comes with 10 minutes of airtime when you activate. At least, there is no separate activation fee.


Because the regular airtime is quite expensive, this might be a good deal if you’re someone who has to work nights and needs to use the phone to keep in touch. Or if you simply hate cell phone contracts but need the night and weekend minutes option.