music won't register on phone

I bought the phone new along with a new sd card. I download the music to the phone, but when you go to the music prompt and choose all songs, all the songs are not displayed. I know they're in the phone because when I link it to a computer I can see all the songs in the phone's memory card.

I am presently re-downloading the songs to the phone in the hopes that something just went wrong somewhere. Any ideas if this doesn't work?

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Jul 04, 2011
Music won't register
by: Anonymous

I also have a EM326g phone and i dont know where my music is :( I sync the music to my 256mb Micro sd card and put it in my phone and all it does is say "Memory Card Initalization" and then nothing! I have already formated the card 2 times! And I don't know where to locate the music. Can anybody please help me??

Aug 18, 2010
A few possibilities
by: sb (admin)


Make sure you read the manual. Highlights include making sure the songs are not DRM protected, do not have bit rates higher than 320 kbs, and are in the MP3 or AAC format.

In addition you must format your memory card, USING THE PHONE, before using it for the first time. Your phone will prompt you if you need to format your memory card. If you've already formatted the card, try re-formatting it on the phone.

Hope this helps.

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