My first cell phone just bought it

by Jamie Fisher
(Goodyear, Az)

It's nice, but after charging it for the five hours, and using it for 4 calls, used 10 mins time. This morning, my phone was completely dead. I had it on the charger now, going on another
five hours. I hope this not the norm. If it is, I have to plan on having on the charger everyday, and after, using it on, and off for ten mins.

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Jan 10, 2011
This phone is awesome!
by: Anonymous

well i have had this phone for 4 months. and its really AWESOME its easy to text occasionally freezes but only for like 2 second but he catches up. the internet is good. easy to call people. if u really get used to it it will be the best phone you have ever had. it has no confusing features and. well it is AWESOME i have to say by far this is the best phone that tracfone has made it AWESOME. but the only thing i dont like is the camera. its not so good. but its good. i love the battery life because i could charge it for no more than 2 hours and it will be 1/3 battery life at the end of the day. i really recommend this phone because its very awesome.

Dec 05, 2010
My phone keeps locking up
by: KWesterne

My LG420G phone keeps locking up. I am now about to exchange my third phone in as many weeks. (I purchased the first one on 11 November 2010.)

I turn the phone back on and the screen activates but the keyboard no longer functions. The only way I can shut the phone off again is to take the battery out then put it back in.


Dec 04, 2010
Alarm Display Solution
by: Kin2U

Bob H,

I had that problem too. The display would stay on, often on dim after turning the alarm off. Power cycling was the only way I found to clear the problem.

However, the best solution I have found, is while the alarm is ringing, press and hold the side button. It will cancel the alarm (turn it off), and the display will be normal.

Pressing it momentarily, puts it in snooze mode.

Works also to cancel the ringer on incoming calls.

Hope this helps.


Nov 15, 2010
I have a LG600 that I love
by: Anonymous

Anyways = since you just got your 420, give it back and get another. I'm sure that it's warranted huh?


Nov 15, 2010
Dying battery problem...
by: Bob H

I also have the LG420g, and have NOT experienced any battery trubs with fact, just the opposite, mine lasts for several calls per day and goes 3 days without charging before i loose just 1/3 of the battery icon (level indicator).

Check at the top of your display to see if there is a Bluetooth indicator.....I do know that if I forget to turn off bluetooth it will drain the battery fast!

One more your display shutting down each time you close the lid? In several instances, the back light on this phone can 'stick' ON and you may have to turn off the phone by holding down the "END" button then restarting. (especially if you use the alarm on this particular phone.

Lastly, you just might have a bad battery or even phone, but I would suspect the battery first....

Hope it all works out for ya!

I have two of these phones, and both are great performers....especially for 20 bucks!

Nov 11, 2010
Two possible reasons
by: sb (admin)


That's definitely not my experience. My LG 420g lasted well over a week on its charge and making a few calls over that period of time.

I can think of two possible explanation. The first is that you got a bad phone. If that's the case you should return it.

The second is that you're in an area with low signal strength. One thing that does seem to use up a phone's power faster is when it has to keep hunting for the network. I used to notice this a few years ago when driving through more rural area. My cell phone battery would often be drained by the end of the trip.

These days the coverage is much better in most places, so it hasn't happened to me lately.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your comments, and let us know how it works out.


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