My Grandma's phone

by A. Christie

My grandma's starting to lose her vision a little bit, and using a regular cell phone was getting hard for her. Also, most phones come with so many features she doesn't need or want. We wanted something simple that was easy for her to use, so we got a Jitterbug.

She loves it so much! The big buttons are brightly lit and so much easier for her to see. She used to mis-dial all the time with her old phone, because she couldn't see the buttons or couldn't hit them properly because they were small. No problem with the Jitterbug! The battery holds a charge really well, which is good because she sometimes forgets to charge it at night. And the display! It's perfect for her. It's huge, clear, and most of all, simple. It's not cluttered up with pointless stuff she doesn't need, so it's easy for her to find the things she does need.

All in all, the Jitterbug is a great choice if you're looking for elegant simplicity in a phone.

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