My grandmother loves it

by Waldon Thorpe
(Upstate, New York)

I bought my grandmother this phone as a gift about a month ago. She is getting up there in age, and needed a phone to use, god forbid she gets into an accident while driving, or in case she just wants to use it while someplace where a wall phone is unavailable, or inconvenient to use.

The phone was incredibly easy to set up, and easy to teach her how to use. She has used the phone several times just to "see how it works" and she has loved it. She was one of those people who said she'd never own a cellphone, but now that she has one, i doubt she would ever go without it again.

In addition the net10 service is very cheap, and it gets a great signal around where she lives and travels.

I have only one complaint about the phone, the battery life is not what I nor she expected, and she has to leave it on the charger when she's not using it. Also, it could stand to have a louder volume.

But all in all, the V176 is a great phone.

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