Need help with speaker phone options

by Rick
(West Palm Beach, Fl)

LG 500g speaker phone OFF

LG 500g speaker phone OFF

I just received my phone and have the basics working. I prefer to use the speaker phone settings most of the time and have not found an easy way to toggle between handset and speaker or to be able to initiate a call using the speaker phone function. The only time I can use it is when a call is in progress and involves pressing several keys and menus. Can anyone help? Thanks.

P.S. So far I am pleased with the lg 500g

Hi Rick,

I don't know of a way to put it on speaker before you call, but once a call is in progress, you don't have to press several keys and menus.

When the call starts, you'll notice a small speaker icon with a red "x" at the bottom of the screen indicating it's not on speakerphone. To switch on speakerphone, simply press the center "OK" button (located in the middle of the top row of keys).

You can toggle the speaker phone back off by pressing the OK button again.

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Sep 06, 2011
LG 500g phone
by: Anonymous

Here is a great help page for cell phones:

Aug 29, 2011
Where to find a manual for the LG500g phone
by: Anonymous

Is there a indept manual for the new LG500g phone? I have checked on-line and was not successful. I am having a situation with the display screen and would like to find a copy of the manual to find out what is wrong.

Aug 09, 2011
by: Rick

Thanks, I can't believe I didn't see this button before. I have another question or two though.
I have added numbers to speed-dial and would like to know the quickest way to access the speed dial menu.
I have also tried grouping my numbers into groups for easier access, but when I click on the group and then the contact it will not dial. If I click on the contact outside of the group it works fine.
Thanks for any help. I am new to this. Rick

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