Need to be signed in to Transfer Number From Another Phone

by Greg
(Dayton, Ohio)

I just tried to do this today (June 18 2010) and the required option for transferring a phone number is NOT listed as shown in these instructions.

So when I get to this question during the process...


...the following selection is NOT an option...

"Activate my Tracfone with a number transferred from another Tracfone."

^ Because I don't see that option, I can't even get the transfer process started! I guess I'll have to call Tracfone and do the whole thing through the 800 Customer Service line.



Thanks for bringing this up. The option is still available for me:

To get to it from Tracfone's home page you have to choose the "Transfer" option from the Activate/Reactivate drop-down menu. That should eventually get you to the page with the tranfer option. If you just choose the Activate/Reactivate option, you end up with the options you describe.

Alternatively, you can try this link directly

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll see if I need to update the original description.

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Jun 21, 2010
Update: Figured Out My Problem
by: Greg

I figured out why I wasn't getting the option to transfer a number from another Tracfone. I wasn't signing in to the Tracfone website during the the web page didn't know that I already was a Tracfone customer. Once I signed in properly, the option appeared on the web page.

One other thing I ran into...

I purchased a new Tracfone at a local Target store. I tried to use the process online to transfer my old Tracfone phone number to this new phone. When I got to the last step, the website told me that they would have to send me a new SIM card if I wanted to transfer my old phone number to the new phone. Perhaps this is a limitation of buying a new phone from a store instead of directly from Tracfone?

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