Net10 Cell Phone Plans

Customer Service and Relation to Tracfone

Because Net10 is offered by the same company that offers Tracfone, and their phones and services and somewhat similar, you may be wondering just what's going on here.

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Difference in Prices

The prices are usually a little higher than for the same phones on Tracfone's website, but you cannot use a Tracfone handset with a Net10 plan. On the other hand, the prices are a little bit lower compared to the same phones from the Straight Talk - also from the same company.

With Net10, you pay a little more for the phones. In return, you get the flexibility of switching between a monthly plan and a pay-as-you-go plan. The minutes usually cost less as well.

Text to Net10 Phones From PC

It's easy to text to Net 10 phones from a PC without using your phone. Only the person receiving the text message is charged airtime.


Earlier it was fairly difficult to find free ringtones, and you had to buy them from Net10. But now, you can use mp3's as ringtones for many of the phones.

Switching from Tracfone

Have you ever wonder whether you could convert a Tracfone handset into a Net 10 handset. After all, they share the same parent company, so it seems a reasonable thing to be able to do.

The short answer is probably not, but here's what I went through to find this out:

I already had a Tracfone handset, and it seemed a waste to put my Tracfone handset out to pasture if I could keep using it.

Now officially, Tracfone says you can't use your Tracfone handset with another phone company. Still, since Tracfone and Net10 are under the same parent company, I though it might be possible in this case.

So, I called customer service.

Customer Service

Net10 Customer Service Number

You can reach customer service at:

1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368)

Two Answers

So I called up customer service. After navigating through a few menu options, I finally reached a real person who proceeded to tell me that while I could certainly port my number, I would need to buy a new handset. The support person said that it was a "different company" -- a somewhat strange thing to say since they were part of Tracfone. This was puzzling, but I accepted her statement.

Still I wasn't convinced. I went to their website again. I noticed that the activation procedure looked almost exactly the same as with Tracfone.

So, a couple of days later, I called up their customer service again. This time, the customer rep told me that I could convert my Tracfone handset into a Net 10 handset. All I had to do was provide my serial number, and they would be able to switch it over! I got the info and called back, but was never able to make the switch.

SO, WHICH IS IT? I'm not sure, but I don't think you can. I have not met anyone who has been able to make the switch without switching handsets.

Just Get a New Phone!

Use up your old Tracfone minutes.

Then get a new Net10 phone and transfer your number.

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