Net10 Unlimited Monthly Plans From $35

Unlimited Calls and Texts. Also Web and Email.

Net10 Unlimited was reintroduced at $50 a month for unlimited calls, unlimited text messages and unlimited web and email. This was exciting because it had previously cost $80 a month.

Today in 2014, plans starts at $35 per month for unlimited talk and text and 500GB data and go up to $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and up to 5GB high-speed data. These plans can now be used with a plethora of smart phones: Android and iOS and Windows.

The Plan

The unlimited plan used to cost $80, which was okay when it was first introduced. In 2009, however, many companies brought out much cheaper unlimited plans.

Net10 Coverage is great, plus their plans always keep things simple, so it was exciting when they re-introduced their plan at the lower price points of $50 (on all phones). For a while they even offered it for $30 on select phones.  That offer expired a while back, but while it was around,  the $30 unlimited option was probably the best value around on a no-contract phone.

Update iPhone 5S/5C

The iPhone 5S and 5C are available for this plan. If you want the 6 or 6 Plus, you can try its partner brand, Straight Talk.


You can talk as much as you want at any time of the day or night.


You can send and receive all the text and pictures messages you want.

Data on Net10 Unlimited Plans

With their smart phones you can access all the web sites and apps that your smart phone can load. Depending on the unlimited plan you choose you get access to different amounts of high-speed data. After you use up your high-speed data, the speeds throttle down to speeds as slow as 64 kbps.

Data Allowances per monthly plan

  • $35 - 500MB high-speed data ($31.20 with auto-refill)
  • $40 - 1.5GB ($36 with auto-refill)
  • $50 - 5GB ($45 with auto-refill)
  • $65 Int'l Plan - 5 GB ($60 with auto-refill)


With their old basic phones, you could only go to a select few web sites such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This means you can check your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. You can check your other email accounts through these three accounts if you have POP access to your email.

The Phones

Initially there were just three special Net10 Unlimited phones available, the LG 600g, the Samsung "R401g" and the Motorola EM326g.

Now, you can put any of their phones on the unlimited plan. You can do this online by buying an unlimited airtime card and activating it on your phone. Note, this may wipe out any minutes you currently have on the pay as you go plan, so you may want to use those up before activating the new card.

Unlocked Phones and SIM Cards

You can now get a NET10 Wireless SIM card to use with an unlocked GSM phone. The SIM card has to be used with one of their monthly unlimited plans and is available with cutout in standard,micro and nano-SIM formats.

Unlocked iPhone

You can use the Net10 SIM card with an unlocked (GSM) iPhone. While iPhones are relatively expensive, you save a lot by getting unlimited voice, messages, and data for $50 or less a month!

International Calls

The new Net10 International Unlimited plan lets give you unlimited calls to select countries for $65 per month. This plan has the same data allowance as the $50 plan - 5GB.

Note: Both the unlimited and unlimited international plan costs are comparable to the unlimited plan from Straight Talk, but you can get a $5 discount by signing up for auto-refill which makes the cost about the same.