Not a Fan

I've owned this phone for 2 months and I still can't find ways around it's limits.

It locks on calling even in speaker mode when it's not near your face so you can't inadvertently launch other features. I still don't know how to text a capital I, and I can't find a menu to fix it. I synced songs from media player onto the micro SD I added only to find the sound quality is far inferior to my MP3 player. So much for ditching it. So far my experience with the LG Prime is far from wonderful.


I don't have a Prime with me. I'll try to help anyway via the manual (pdf) but I may get things a bit wrong.

Screen Locking:
Did you try pressing the button on the side of the phone as mentioned on the main page?

Texting with capital letters:
Why does pressing the SHIFT key not work? Entering text is covered on pp. 16-19 of the manual.

MP3 Player not up to snuff:
I'm sorry to hear that.

sb (admin)

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