Not a happy camper - text messages cost more than Tracfone

by Dee

I just purchased my 1st phone after being a Trafone user for 3-4 years. I switched because of the new $25/mo 750 minute plan. Your site says texts for this new plan are 1.6 or 1 cent per text depending on the type of phone used. THIS IS INCORRECT.

After deactivating my Tracfone and buying and $80 QWERTY Net10 phone then adding the $25 monthly plan I find that the texts are 1 minute each with is 3.3 cents per text. Actually a bit more than I was spending with the Tracfone. $80 for 450 minutes DMFL = 900 minutes/.3= 3000 texts or 2.7 cents per text. I was not a happy camper :(


My apologies. You're right, on the 30-day plans, text messages cost 1 unit each rather than 0.5 units. For the $25 750-minute card, that does work out to 3.3 cents per message which as you pointed out can be more than Tracfone's cost. I will correct the info above. Again, sorry about that.

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Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

The first time I added the 750/25$ month card the texts cost .5 min. When I did it the next month all of a sudden it was 1 minute for each text. I don't know how that happened. They must have decided to charge more for texts. New phones used to come with 300 free minutes also. Not anymore. Maybe it's time to switch as net10 seems to be becoming less competitive with their pricing.

Feb 23, 2011
Net10 Monthly Plan Text Rates
by: Anonymous

I had called Net10 prior to my purchase and told them what I wanted for a plan and they neglected to tell me texts were not the same on the monthly plans even tho I expressly asked about text rates. Not good when you call and ask a specific question in order to make an informed decision and then you get misinformation. Oh well, lesson learned.

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