Not childish

by leenaR
(rutherford, nj, usa)

I just left their plan not long ago but I slightly miss it. For the exception of the rates, INpulse is a major improvement over companies like Virgin Mobile and Boost.

I am 17, but I can't stand the childish marketing (or whatever you'd call it) those two companies have ("top up" "where you at?"). The phones seem to be of excellent quality. I had the LG Chocolate (VX8500).

Verizon has the best signal I've ever encountered with a cell phone company but their prepaid rates are nasty. $3 on days you use it just to get the unlimited nights and weekends. If you use it every day, that'd be $90 a month while some prepaid companies offer UNLIMITED calling for cheaper than that. If their rates were better, they'd be perfect. I just miss the signal and cell phone quality (I'm a cell phone junkie).

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Jul 28, 2010

i love verizon,though boost is but anyways i called verizon last week to get my old phone reactivated. the customer rep was a great help. he even slipped up and asked if i wanted my old plan . i was confused at first. he then said the plan i had before. i was kinda confused at first. but i quickly caught on when he was reading my plan details. he told me they still have the first verizon inpulse plan,but the company rather not market it. basically because it's a real good plan, 99cents a day gets you unlimited nights and mobile to mobile. so IN REALITY VERIZON LIED THAT THEY GOT RID oF THAT PLAN,TO SCREW YOU OVER WITH THE 1.99 A DAY PLAN basically minus the free weekend if anybody still want the old inpulse plan,call customer care and ask for the 99cent inpulse everyday plan..they still have it,but they rather not you get the plan,because it's such a good makes no since does it!:)

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