Now carries JUST5 senior cell phones

by Shirley

I am going to try out JOLT, they have great plans right now. They have a $50 unlimited talk/text but free international calls good for 30 days. Free Voicemail and Caller ID. And their int'l rates are excellent. It's
worth checking out.

I recently just got a JUST5 PHONE for my mom-in-law, which is a great phone for seniors and it's unlocked so you can use even your T-Mobile or At&T SIM Card in it. But I chose JOLT to try it out. Big numbers, you can text too, Flashlight, Radio, and an SOS button on the back (in emergencies, hold SOS button down, and it will call by speaker mode up to 5 emergency contacts or 911) It's made by an European company. I definitely found a gem.

I'll keep you posted more on JOLT later, but do check out their plans, they have the 10 cent per minute plan too.

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