Ok but i would rather have another phone

by Maura

So I had a different phone from Net10, but it was unable to receive messages due to a fault. This wasn't the first fault with Net10 either. So this was my replacement phone.

I have had numerous to infinite issues with the Net10 service over the past 3 years. Each phone I had has had some problem with it and when I call to find help, the service representatives are awful and don't know what they are doing.

But for this Motorola EX124g, at first I liked it, but then got extremely annoyed by the effort it takes just to watch videos from youtube, and the worst part about it, is the fact that not only does it not have threaded messaging, but the keyboard is so slow you have to wait for it. It is extremely inconvenient having a awful touch screen and keyboard you have to type super slow on or the letter will not be processed!

Hi Maura,

Thanks for your comments. I would like to note that this phone isn't supposed to be able to do YouTube, but it's just that I happened to find a way and posted it.

sb (admin)

Nearly there but not quite

by John Beers
(Winfield, Kansas )

I bought this phone for the touch screen capability. As I learned how to use it I expected more and more from it. Messaging with the phone is very simple. The thing that stopped me from being able to enjoy the phone as I would have liked to was when I viewed my bank account. Using the web browser I was able to access my bank's web site. When I tried to view my account it became very apparent that WiFi was necessary on the EX124g. This is a property this phone does not have. It is NOT a smart phone. I will still have to pay for this feature.

Hi John,

Thanks for your comments. I agree it's not a smart phone but it does have a couple of features that smart phones have such as a dedicated email applications so you can check email from any email server that uses the commom IMAP or POP standard. Regarding web access on the phone, it is slow compared to a 3G phone, and it does cost you airtime. I tried to access my own bank via the EX124g (something I've never tried to do) in order to check the speed, but unfortunately the data network seems to be down for me today - I couldn't visit any site via the phone - so I couldn't do that.


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