Other Cell Plans Just Don't Add Up For Me

by Susan L
(St. Louis, MO)

I hate to be out of touch with my family as much as the next person, so I first went the cell phone route probably 8 years ago. We lived in a remote area without a cell signal, so I bought my first NET10 phone for use when I traveled. It was great as a second phone, and for the most part, aside from our home there were few places I couldn't get a signal.

Once I moved to a more populated area, I tried several contract cell phone plans. They worked well enough, but I hated the cost of the plans and the fact that I was locked into such outrageous contracts. After the last contract ended, I returned to Net10 and never looked back.

As soon as I discovered the unlimited plan, I was sold. I bought my Samsung T401g, got rid of my land line, and it's been Net10 and me ever since. I love the fact that my Net10 works off of AT&T towers which means there's almost nowhere I can't pick up a strong signal. I've moved back into another rural area, but I consistently have 4-5 bars in my home. Sprint and Verizon users usually have to borrow my Net10 phone to make calls here.

The browser is faster than I would have thought a prepaid browser would be, and I use it quite a bit to check email, news, weather, and even Google for information. I recently stopped in at a T-Mobile kiosk just to see what they had to offer. The salesperson gave me his best offer, asked if I was interested, and my only response was "you can't beat my Net10 plan." Enough said.

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