Pair with car bluetooth

by Polly
(Puget Sound )

Bought the phone from Radioshack it came with an AT&T manual & no instructions on how to pair up with my car's bluetooth. So how does one do that?

Compare to LG500g Bluetooth

by Tom L (Liverpool, NY USA)

I purchased the LG500g to replace my 420g and found that the phonebook doesn't transfer to my Kia Sorento's hands-free system. The new phone will pair with the system without any trouble. However, the phonebook never transfers. The old LG420g transferred perfectly, allowing me to use the voice dialing option on the vehicle. Now, my voice dialing is useless.

How is the 500g model different from the 420g? The format for the phonebooks are exactly the same. Everything is entered into the 500g's phonebook exactly the same as the 420g.

It really sucks because that's the whole point of having the hands-free in the vehicle. I may have to go back to my old phone. If anyone has any information or a solution, please let me know.

Connect to 2013 Chevy Malibu via Bluetooth?

by Anthony
(West Seneca, NY)

I just bought a 2013 Chevy Malibu, and I tried to pair my LG 420g with the car. The phone recognizes the car, but the car does not recognize the phone. Do any Tracfones, such as the new LG 840g work with the new GM cars?

Pairs with Garmin GPS but not iPad

by Ron
(Burlington wi usa)

My phone pairs perfectly on a Garmin GPS but not on an iPad for some unknown reason so I don't believe it's the phone's problem! Has anyone else had the same trouble?

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your comments. You're probably right, but I don't have an iPad myself to check. Perhaps another reader can comment.

I assume you pair the phone with the GPS for hands-free calling. How well does that work? Do you have access to the phonebook? Does the GPS interrupt the call when it needs to give directions?

Connect to Onstar hands free calling

by Carl
(Pgh, PA)

Need instructions on how to connect with OnStar hands free calling. Just bought a 2012 Chevy Malibu LT and can't figure out what to do. Please help.

Hi Carl,

Congrats on the Malibu. Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of car kit, but perhaps someone else can help you out. I know that people have had success with connecting to Bluetooth car-kits in general but the Malibu was mentioned above as not recognizing this handset.

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Apr 07, 2011
Pairing with car
by: AvonSeattle

I have a caravan with the onboard handsfree. I just clicked the on button and since it's voice activated after that, I just went to the help function and it listed different functions. I had no trouble getting it done, nor have I had any trouble (any more than usual) with making calls. (The comment about any more than usual is that my car, like kids, doesn't listen to me!)

Feb 27, 2011
Works Great
by: Anonymous

I hooked my LG420G phone to my Blue Parrot blue tooth headset:I'm no Tec Wizard...It was very easy and straight forword..

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