Perfect for Commuters

by Kari Lynn
(Seattle, WA)

I have used the T mobile prepaid plan for over a year now. My parents got it for me because I couldn’t keep up my monthly cell phone service. I already had a phone that works with this so I was all set. Since I commute to work downtown and take the bus, it has been exceptionally helpful to be able to notify someone if the bus is behind schedule or I miss it altogether.

The T mobile plan works very well for me since I mainly use this phone for emergency type communication. I do not keep it on at all times and I don’t use it for text messages either. I keep my minutes current, so they won’t expire. That is one thing I think is lame about this type of plan. If you paid for 90 minutes, you should be able to use them anytime, not have them expire. Other than that, I really like the availability and flexibility of this kind of plan. I do not have the monthly charges that most of my friends and family have and it works out perfectly for me.

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