Perfect for Rare Users

I cancelled my contract I've had for years recently and just bought their prepaid Samsung phone from WalMart for $15. It comes with bonus $10 air time and is VERY quick to activate. I chose the Basic plan which charges between .25 and .35 per minute (lowest for other Verizon users, highest for all others).

Refill card I bought is $30 and lasts 90 days...if I refill before expiration date the unused air time rolls over, super great. LCD display always shows current air time left in dollars along with expiration date. Yes, .30/minute average is high but IS a GREAT bargain for rare users like me who mainly carry for emergency use along with occasional other calls.

Prepaid plan I'm on comes to exactly $10 month. I know it's a bargain for sure because with my contract phone I often had monthly statements showing less than half hour of usage.

They don't tie me down

by Michael Gibbons
(Dillonvale, OH)

I had service for while, they have new prepaid plan now. For $1.99/day you get unlimited calling to or from anyone on any network. Plan is great for those that don't use the phone much.

The service is outstanding. I hope down the road they will improve their prepaid calling rates. They cover much wider area then sprint does.

When it comes to getting the msl code for the prepaid phone, it's not a big issue. So one reason i like staying with Verizon prepaid, Although the prepaid phones are locked, they will help you program the phone manually and you even get the MSL code for the phone.

Unlike sprint and other prepaid carriers, I like Verizon. At least I feel I am not tied with them with a locked phone like most carriers do. Lock the phone to their service only. So although the phone is unlocked I do not see a reason to reflash it or use it with another provider when they will do anything to keep you as a customer. So I don't mind their service.

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