Phone doesn't get text messages

by Lataya
(Baltimore, MD)

Hi, I have a Boost Mobile phone. It's a government asst phone. I'm wondering why I can't get text messages. The phone lets me know I have a pic message, then it says click go/view to see, but there is no go/view button. It only tells me that for PIC messages. An actual TEXT message doesn't come through at all. I was just wondering if it was the phone.

Hi Lataya,

Thanks for the photo of the phone. I can't make it out too clearly, but have you tried the Options menu on the right to see if they have a Go/View selection? Picture messages are kind of a pain because after you get the message, you still have to retrieve the attached picture.

I don't know why the texts aren't going through however. Are you able to SEND text messages? If so, I would send one to a friend and ask them to hit reply and see what happens. If that doesn't work, it sounds like something, perhaps the messaging gateway setting, was not set up properly when they activated the phone. I'm afraid you'll have to call up customer support.

If you tell what particular phone it is, someone else reading this post might be able to add some more info.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

sb (admin)

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