Phone Vibrate Settings and Text Messages

Vibrate options Android 2.3 phone

Vibrate options Android 2.3 phone

I got a new Straight Talk phone yesterday, and how do I get it off vibrate? Also I get the $45 unlimited talk text deal. It says in brochure that I will be charged for each text I send. How can that be? Thank you.

Text Messages


To answer the second one first, you will not be charged for texts on the $45 plan. My guess is that the brochure probably includes a description of the All You Need $30 plan which includes 1500 text messages per month. Each text sent or received is then deducted from the plan allotment. The $30 plan is only offered on their feature phones, not their smart phones.

Vibrate Settings

This brings me to the first question. Since you didn't mention which particular phone you purchased, it is difficult to answer that question.

If it is a feature phone with a physical keyboard, then often pressing and holding the "1" button on the keypad will turn the vibrate feature on or off.

For a smartphone, you can do this by going into the menu. The exact procedure may vary depending on the phone and type of phone it is (Android, Windows, iPhone etc.) On an Android phone, you can go to:

Menu > Sound > Vibrate

and choose from among these options:

- Always
- Never
- Only in Silent Mode or
- Only when Not it Silent Mode.

Hope this helps. If not, please add some further details in the comments. Thanks.

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