Picture from text message to photo gallery

Just got the phone 4 days ago. Can you tell me how to get a picture from a text message to the photo gallery? Thanks.


My 800g is not currently active so I can't answer for sure but I can give you a couple of things to try. I took the following pic from the interactive 800g tutorial:

At this point, you can try selecting the button on the screen on the lower left. There you may see the option to either save the photo or edit the photo. If only the latter option is available, perhaps you can choose that, save it to a different file name and see if it shows up in your photo gallery.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Perhaps someone else with an active phone can.

sb (admin)

Minutes deducted by incoming text?

by Elliot

I recently upgraded my Tracfone to the lg 800g and noticed when I received a text my minutes were deducted but this did not happen on my old tracfone...is this normal for the lg 800g?

Hi Elliot,

Yes, as far as I know, you are charged 0.33 units of airtime for all outgoing and incoming texts on all currently sold Tracfones.

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