Plan has changed

by "drug dealer " cellphone user
(New Mexico )

The plan has evidently changed. Cost $40 for a basic LG phone. (I like it just fine). No free minutes with activation. $5.00 per month.

10 cents per minute. When you buy additional time, you do not extend your thirty days, but merely start a new thirty days. Your balance rolls over for the next thirty days, however. Pretty good coverage with Sprint, even in some fairly isolated spots.

The deal about restarting thirty days rather than extending thirty days is a bit of an annoyance, although not really exploitative. The best overall deal for me: A relatively low usage user, who would like to give the phone to his traveling teenage daughter who chronically misplaces expensive things. (I admit I did not look too hard, but it was a better deal than what I saw at Target).


Thanks for your comments. You could also consider a Kajeet phone for your daughter. They have an optional GPS locator service for locating lost phones and (presumably) the people with the phones. Their lowest plan (also Sprint-based) is $5 per month as well.

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