Prepaid Cell Phone Writing Contest #1

Update: Recent giveaways are here.

Congratulations to Gary from Palm Bay, FL (and Terry)!

Our first prepaid cell phone writing contest is over. Congratulations to Gary from Palm Bay, FL! We loved his entry for the way the info was presented and dramatized.

But wait there's more . . .

Although we received only two entries, they were so good, they make you realize why runner-up prizes were invented. So . . .

Congratulations to Terry as well for winning the runner-up prize - a 60-minute Tracfone card.

The winners will be contacted directly for their shipping information. The contest entries will remain as they provide helpful information for others to comment on and share.

Meanwhile, we'll think about a new prize for our next contest, possibly in November.

Thanks again.

Free Entry Writing Contest

In our first prepaid cell phone writing contest, you can win a new Tracfone Motorola W175 bundle and a 120-minute Tracfone Airtime card (which is actually worth 140 minutes).

tracfone 120 minute card
tracfone w175 bundle

All you have to do take part in this free entry writing contest is submit your most interesting story or your most helpful tip about using a Tracfone (or any other prepaid cell phone) using the form below.

Prepaid Cell Phone Contest Rules

  1. The contest will last two weeks, from today October 13, 2008 through October 27, 2008.
  2. Contestant must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. One entry per person
  4. Each entry must be submitted using the form on this page.
  5. Contestants must reside in the Continental United States.
  6. The winning entry will be judged to be the most interesting or helpful.
  7. The winner will be picked during the week following the end of the contest and will be contacted via a email address listed on the entry. The winner must reply within 30 days with their name and an address within the continental United States to which the prize will be shipped. The prize will be shipped to them within two weeks.
  8. We will be the sole and final judge. As part of the process we will try to take into account any comments and ratings any entries receive.
  9. After the contest is over, the entries may be moved to make room for possible future contests.

Thanks for taking part in this prepaid cell phone writing contest!

You may see more free writing contests in the coming weeks.

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