Prepaid Success Story

by Rheanys on 12/23/2011
(Ridgeway, WI, U.S.)

U.S. Cellular prepaid has done a lot to improve their prepaid options. I wouldn't advise getting their pay as you go option as it is very expensive. But if you like the idea of a more traditional cell phone plan without the contract, their $30 (200 min unlimited txt), $40 (450 min, unlimited txt, and 30MBs of data), $50 (unlimited min &txt), and then their $60 and $70 smartphone plans are excellent.

Their phones are more expensive than their postpaid options. But you still get a $50-$100 rebate in most cases, depending on the phone. They also have everything from basic, messaging, and smartphone options.

I went to U.S. Cellular after being with Straight Talk for over a year. Straight Talk was a nightmare of terrible customer service and rude people. I like having U.S. Cellular stores nearby so I can go talk to them. They understand what I am saying and are very polite.

U.S. Cellular is dominant in my area and is very affordable as I am a full time college student. I wish that I would be able to keep them, but as I am transferring to a different school in a area that does not have U.S. Cellular I won't be able too.

I highly advise people looking for a like contract but without contract plan that they look at U.S. Cellular. Especially if you like texting as all their monthly plans include unlimited text, pix etc...

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