Privacy Policy update

by sb (admin)

They have updated their privacy policy for new customers who activated their service on or after March 8, 2011. The new policy (version 3) can be found here:

Privacy Policy Version 3

The old policy for those who activated their phones after Sept. 5, 2007 can be found here:

Privacy Policy Version 2

I am not a lawyer so I can't really comment on the legalities, but here are a couple of differences I noticed.

Kajeet explicitly states that they require an email address for the parent customer account. You can opt-out of marketing offers, but they still need your address. In my case they had it anyway. They use it to tell me that our account has been renewed each month. I have also opted in to receive news of phone sales so that I can pass it them along on this site, however you can opt-out of them.

They also requires an email address for child accounts for those under the age of 18 as well as those under the age of 13. In our case I just used the parent email address as we only allow family and certain friends to contact our children via email.

Parents can still update their name and password for their accounts and the account of their children. Kajeet no longer states that children can also update their account information. I assume this means that they can no longer do so, but I'll have to check that later.

So, again, these are just a couple of things I noticed, and let me state explicitly that what I've described is not legal advice.

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