Problem texting - please give setup info

by Yvonne

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I received the Samsung S125g for free from Safelink Wireless, but I'm having problems text messaging using the phone keypad and I'm not able to type what I want. Can you please help by giving me step-by-step instructions on how to start a text message using the keypad via e-mail.

Thank-you very much.


Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for your question. I'm not exactly sure what problem you're having with text messages, but I will take a guess that it's one of two things. How to start creating the text message itself or the fact that the phone tries to guess what you're about to type - what they call predictive or T9 texting.

For the first possibility. You can start writing a text message in these two ways.

1. Press the Left Navbar key (that's the metal part of the left side of the square black button between the SEND and END keys.


2. Select Menu > Messages > Create Message

Then enter the number you want to text to or select Options to choose someone from your Contacts in the Phonebook.

Scroll down to the Message field and start typing your message.

Okay, if you've gotten that far, then the problem may be that when you start to type in your message, you get a bunch of funny words popping up. If that's the case, then you are in what's called predictive texting mode.

To get rid of that behavior, you have to go to:

Menu > Messages > Create Message. Then scroll down to the Message area and select Options > Writing Options > Input Method and select the "Abc" and NOT the "T9Abc" option.

Now when you go back to writing your message, you should be able to enter it one letter at a time.

Hope this helps.


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May 02, 2018

by: sb

You press the button twice or thrice in succession, then pause for the letter to take hold. Then go on to the next letter and repeat.

May 01, 2018
problems texting
by: Anonymous

how do you change letters like to type a e or b on the keypad

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