Problems refilling plan for college student

by Cindy

I have a phone for my daughter in college. She has the Inpulse Core plan with an added unlimited texting bundle. Since most of her calls are to our Verizon Cells phones she pays $.99 the first time she uses the phone for voice calls that day and then as long as she only calls other Verizon phones, there are no additional charges that day. If she does not call anyone on a particular day, there is no deduction from her balance.

So with a little planning we can talk to her every other day for $15.00 a month. Her unlimited messaging is an additional $20.00 a month. I don't really have any complaints with the plan itself.

The problem is with the billing/payment side of it all. She has had minutes deducted from her balance for premium texting when there is no way she has been using the phone. When you add minutes to the phone via the website, there is no telling where the money you just added will appear on the balance.

There have been times I added a minimum of $15.00 that should expire in 30 days but the website said it didn't expire for 60 days (good for us). But today, I added $20.00 because the text bundle would expire tomorrow (she had voice balance available) and it added the $20.00 to the voice balance and added nothing to the text package. Also, since the phone is in her name, I can't call customer service and add any minutes or text to her phone because my credit card is in a different name than her phone is in.

When you try to purchase refill cards, although the website indicates they have refill cards for just the messaging bundle, Verizon stores does not sell them nor know where to buy them. The Verizon website does not sell them either. When you buy the Verizon refill cards, there is no control of where the balance of the card is placed either. When you activate the refill card the entire balance must be added to the account and it is up the the website's judgement where that balance may appear (voice minutes or messaging bundle).

Overall, there has never been the same answer from any person I have e-mailed, spoke with on the phone or in a store as to how the prepaid plans will work. There is also no consistency about how the website will react when adding money to an account. It is just a shot in the dark what you get that day.

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Jun 15, 2010
mobile to mobile
by: Anonymous

Question do they have unlimited mobile to mobile with other companies or just verizon

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