Problems with htc hero 200

I purchased an HTC Hero 200 on 8/26/11 and have had nothing but problems! I took the phone back and the store manager gave a new phone. I took the phone home and on 9/03/11 the phone would not let me access any internet, widgets could not be deleted, and the worst part is I called i-wireless and was told I would have to wait 57 min. to 1 hr to speak to someone.

On 9/8/11 I spoke to an associate by the name of Dale and told him I did not want the web and to take it off. Then on 9/10/11 called and had an associate by the name of Zelma hang up on me. Great customer service huh?

I called back, and spoke to associate Kayla, and she said they were having problems with a lot of the Heros. She said she would send it to escalation dept. and they would call me back and tell me how to fix it. Did I get a call back? NO!!!!

I will never purchase an i-wireless phone from a Kroger grocery store because the phones do not work. So any of you customers who deal with i*wireless and pay in advance monthly make sure you really, I mean really read the terms. Why would I want to deal with a company who can raise your rates anytime they want to without notifying you, change your phone ## if you have not put min. on for more than 90 days, and the kicker is, if you use more than 10 min. You can not return the phone. Well what if it takes 10 min. to activate your phone, get your phone #, and password, then you can not take it back! I knew I should have stayed with T-mobile. At least they text you when you are running low. This is non-disclosure after the fact because I did not sign anything so you have to read the terms after you get home. Is this illegal? I think i will ask someone in the legal field.


Sorry to hear about your problems. In terms of the phone itself, I don't know much about this handset, though I've considered testing the version of the HTC Hero that's available from PlatinumTel.

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Feb 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey, I had similar issues with my Hero, the widgets come standard on HTC's so you can't delete them ( more of a HTC problem than I-wireless) As for web/Airtime you can still buy pay cards from the store but you must choose a monthly smart phone plan from to use them, I'd say I-wireless is a little misleading in this respect and I agree that their customer service stinks (I wasted quite a bit of money figuring this out). However the price is pretty decent, my Hero is on the cheapest smartphone plan at 28.79 a month and I get Unlimited text, 200 min calling that rolls over each month and 200 mbs web that also rolls over. I hope you've already got this figured out, good luck.

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