Promo Codes no longer working?

by Richard Baratta
(Long Island, NY USA)

Here's a new one on me. I have the LG440G. For years I've been purchasing the 60-min time card which gives you double the minutes and 90 days.

If I submit the promo code, they add an additional 60 minutes - up until now. All of sudden, they're discontinuing this option! (Maybe I missed one of their announcements).

I called Tracfone, asked why, and of course, they gave me the run-a-round answer. They told me to buy a "smart phone" (which I really have no use for); Is this true now?

I told them I used the promo code listed on their website and other codes also listed. One of them should have worked. Why do they promise something, and then take it away? Anyway, is there another flip phone you can recommend that works with fill-up cards the same way as Tracfone?

Appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi Richard,

As far as I know Tracfone still accepts promo codes for their phones that are not smartphones. However, these codes do expire. I know the 60 minute bonus code on the $20 "60 min" card is a good deal, and is not really published on their site. However, when one is discovered, word does tend to get around, and it gets re-published on various other sites.

Usually, the standard codes get switched around in the first few days of the month. At the momemt, on their main site, they just show one code on the 120-minute card. The airtime deals page is only haf-updated (as of Oct 1), so I would wait a couple of days to check. That's why I wait until a few days into the month to update the promo codes on this site.

Your other option is to just take a 10% discount by signing up for auto-refill, but I understand that not everyone is comfortable with that.

Note, I can't verify your experience personally as I no longer have an active Tracfone that is not a smartphone.


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Oct 02, 2018
Most bonus minutes codes no longer work
by: mikey

I also have a 440g tracfone...I recently tried to use a bonus code with a 60 minute airtime card and I got bonus...I called and talked to tracfone...I did end up with 120 minutes and 90 days...but no bonus minutes...

So I have decided I will just get my regular double minutes and call it good. It just isn't worth the most codes do not work least on the 60 minute airtime cards...And yea...they are really pushing smart phones...If you go to their website I don't think you will find even one regular phone...

It's all a matter of phones cost at least twice as much to keep active as a feature phone...And most folks are spending far more than that...

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