Quality control issues

by Joe

My first one malfunctioned after about 6 months. Wouldn't receive or transmit text messages. Called Net10 service and they were unable to fix it so they replaced it for free. Less than three months later, the new one locked up. Flashes a message "Access Denied." Again, Net10 was unable to help and offered to replace it. Did livechat with LG service and they said it had to be replaced. Am replacing it with a Motorola. I need a phone that lasts more than 6 months.

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Jun 10, 2010
Thanks for your comments.
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for your comments. Let us know how it goes with the Motorola phone. I haven't had these kinds of problems myself and we used an LG 225 without incident for many months.

Unfortunately, the one Tracfone I had that refused to turn on one day was a Motorola W175. It had been lying in a drawer for about six months (maybe that had something to do with it) before I dug it out to try to answer a question from a visitor. I did drop it quite a few times, though.


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