Reactivating phone

by Mary
(Graceville, FL)

My name is Mary. My friend, Camilla, is a quadriplegic in the nursing home facility in Graceville, Florida. I am her outside contact responsible for her needs.

I failed to purchase her prepaid minutes before her minutes expired on her phone without realizing it. I purchased the prepaid minutes and now I cannot add them to her phone. Her phone number is (snip). This is her only means of communication with her family in New York and Ma., as well as her autistic daughter in Tampa, Florida.

Can you please assist me in reactivating the phone she presently has so I can add the minutes I purchased for her.

I understand how the prepaid minutes work and that I should have added the minutes before her other minutes expired. Due to the circumstances, will you please re-activate her phone and notify me.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


Hi Mary,

Unfortunately, I am not associated with Alltel. I just reviewed their service (before they were bought by Verizon). In order to try to re-activate your phone, you need to contact their customer support.

The last time I answered an Alltel-related question here:

how to transfer account

I had a hard time finding the Alltel customer support number which is:


You can try calling that and giving them the information you've provided. I wish you success.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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