Reading text messages for free and installing Opera browser?

by Edmann

I just bought it and did some research and found your website. Great reviews including the features on the phones. So there is a trick I read if you read your text messages on the external screen you won't get deducted any minutes by just reading and scrolling from there. Then you can open your phone and read it afterwords.

First I wanted to switch to the Samsung T301g, but then I read the bluetooth doesn't work with the PC if I want to transfer pictures and ring tones. Also, the browser button is another problem i don't want to get into.

My (sb admin) reply:

Thanks for your kind words and the tip. I'm glad you found the site useful. I actually like the T301g because it has a larger screen and a timer. However, the lack of file transfer via Bluetooth is a flaw.

Would you mind if I post your comments as a guest contribution on the LG420g page? I would only include your first name and remove your email address.

Thanks again for checking out my site.

Edmann's reply: (Installing Opera Mini)
Sure go right ahead. You can also install opera mini which I found out on the zetaboards forum. Yes I liked the T301 but bluetooth is a flaw and I don't want to keep emailing pictures and waste min.

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